Speech at Penang Forum 5
Penang – August 4, 2012.

I will begin by referring to two recent and important publications on the direction of Penang as a livable city.

First, is the State government’s Penang Blueprint published by PI and the second, Cities, People and the Economy: A study on Positioning Penang by Khazanah and the World Bank

What is a liveable city (p. 135 of Blue Print)
“Although there is no internationally recognized definition of liveable cities, these can be defined in broad terms as:

• People centered with emphasis on well-being of their residents
• Strengthening of community relationship
• Increasing civic engagement and building environment facilitating human interactions
• Need for well-functioning public realm for meetings and encounters
• Public places must be appropriately human scaled
• Livable cities characterized by short travelling distances achieved with
• Pedestrian network, bicycle networks, efficient transport system

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