Dr. Michael Lim Mah-Hui has a rare professional background having been both a professor and an international banker. Because of his vast academic knowledge and practical business experience, he is in great demand as a public speaker and has given lectures in the past years in various international seminars. His dynamic style and clear exposition has earned him a reputation as an internationally known speaker.

Most recently he has delivered public lectures on the present international financial crisis in the Asian Development Bank Institute and the International Developing Economies in Tokyo, the Asian Institute of Management and the University of the Philippines in Manila, the seminar organized by the Singapore Economics Society and Bankers Association in Singapore, the experts’ workshop  on Financing and Development in Economic Commission of Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP-UN) in Bangkok, the Annual conference of Federation of ASEAN Economics Association in Bangkok, and the Harvard Project in Asian and International Relations in Kuala Lumpur.

As an investment, commercial and development banker for over 20 years, Dr. Lim worked in major international banks in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Manila. These international banks included Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), Credit Suisse First Boston, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

In addition to his banking and finance experience, he has distinguished academic qualifications in the fields of economics and politics having publised  several books and manuscripts like: The Ownership and Control of the 100 Largest Corporations in Malaysia, (Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1981); Transnational Corporations from Developing Asian Economies. ESCAP/UNCTC Publications Series B No.7, United Nations, 1985; Women and the Industrialization Process in Asia: Close-up Study of the Thai Textile Workers (a report submitted to the Social Development Division of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, Bangkok, 1986.)

More recently he has written extensively on the present global financial crisis and its impact on Asia. His articles have been published in the Bangkok Post, the Philippines Inquirer, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, U.N. working papers, the Third World Resurgence, and the Levy Economics Institute (see section on publications).

Dr. Lim has a multi-disciplinary background in finance, economics and politics. He received his B.A. (Honors) in Economics from the University of Malaya, a Masters in International Affairs, a Masters in Sociology, and a Ph.D in Development Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.  He did research in and taught Politics, Sociology and Political Economy at Duke University, Temple University and the University of Malaya  prior to becoming a banker. He is a Senior Fellow in the Asian Public Intellectuals Program of the Nippon Foundation.

Dr. Lim maintains a full schedule, sharing his in-depth academic knowledge and practical experience with coroorations, governments, universities, think-tanks, and civil society groups. Dr. Lim is also active in community and civil society groups. He started and maintains a micro-finance project for poor women and a scholarship fund for financially disadvantaged youth in Manila.

Dr. Lim writes articles for newspapers and journals in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Austrialia, India and the United States.


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