Dr. Lim’s speaking engagement fees are open to negotiation depending on the organization’s position.  Accommodation and travel expenses are not included in the engagement fees.

To get an estimate on your speaking engagement fees, please contact Dr. Lim at limmahhui@gmail.com.

Kindly provide information about your organization or company so that he can be informed of your organization and its needs. This will also assist him to customize his presentation to your organization’s requirements.

The following information will be helpful :

  • Your newsletter or any relevant background materials
  • Your website
  • Your objectives in the seminar
  • The expected size and profile of your audience
  • Any other speakers in the seminar and their professional background

One Response to “Speaking Fees”

  1. Davidoff Lim Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good Morning.

    I’m Davidoff Lim, recently founded Midana Capital Inc. which is providing Private Equity Investment with Crowd Funding concept. Our Strategic Partner is HKOTC which providing source of potential growth SME from China. Currently i’m approaching M’sia market to provide the investment opportunity yet i found out that people here are quite lack of knowledge or educated in Capital Market and Investment Methodology.

    Therefore, i’m seeking for the right Financial Guru to partner up in giving Seminars regarding topics like Capital Market, Financial Products, Risk & Profit Management ect. My objective is not just to provide lesson but also Solution/Platform for crowd to enter PE Investment category.

    However, i have just 1 question besides fee n other details which we may discuss later; Do u speak in Mandarin?

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
    Have a Nice Day.

    Best Regards,
    Davidoff Lim

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